Blockpraktika - 3. Fachsemester Masterstudiengang

Wir bieten folgende Themen sowohl für Blockpraktikum 1 (Modul LS5110) als auch Blockpraktikum 2 (Modul LS5120) an:

  • Crosstalk between and intracellular signalling/gene regulation in neurons, astrocytes and brain endothelial cells (Jöhren)
    Methods: Primary cell culture/co-cultures, gene transfection, siRNA knockdown, qPCR, reporter gene assays
    Kompetenzen: S4, Z1, Z2, Z3

  • Generation of new AAV-Vektor systems to manipulate neuronal cells (endothelia, neuron, astrocytes) in living mice (Müller-Fielitz, Dogbevia)
    Methods: gene transfer via AAV-Systems, production of AAVs, stereotactic injections, cloning, qPCR, immunostaining
    Kompetenzen: S4, Z1, Z3, Z4, Z5

  • Analysis of the brain microvasculature by microscopic techniques (Wenzel)
    Methods: confocal and 2-photon microscopy in mice and brain slices, physiological and pharmacological effects on blood flow and morphology (e.g. calcium imaging; neurovascular coupling, different genotypes); image analysis
    Kompetenzen: S5, Z2; Z4, Z5

  • Functional and morphological analysis of conditional brain-endothelial knock-out mice (Ohnmacht)
    Methods: Primary cell culture, Western Blot, immunofluorescent staining and microscopy, animal experiments
    Kompetenzen: Z1, S2, Z4, Z5