Pharmacology and Toxicology (LS4110 A, WiFoPharma): Lectures in Summer Semester 2020

The lectures take place from 14:15 to 15:45 the CBBM seminar rooms B1/B2 (Building 66, ground floor).

07. April 2020Serendipity in the age of rational drug design: a case studyProf. Schwaninger 
14. April 2020PharmacodynamicsProf. Jöhren 
21. April 2020PharmacokineticsProf. Raasch 
28. April 2020Reverse PharmacologyProf. Jöhren 
05. Mai 2020Pharmacology of Thyroid HormonesDr. Müller-Fielitz 
12. Mai 2020Pharmacology of the Blood-Brain-BarrierDr. Wenzel 
19. Mai 2020Sleep and HypnoticsProf. Marshall 
26. Mai 2020Pharmacology of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-SystemProf. Raasch 
02. Juni 2020Oral AntidiabeticsProf. Raasch 
09. Juni 2020Cerebrovascular PharmacologyDr. Zille 
16. Juni 2020Gene TherapyProf. Schwaninger 
23. Juni 2020Pain Physiologie and analgetic therapiesProf. Leipold 
30. Juni 2020Antiepileptic DrugsDr. Binder