Pharmacology and Toxicology (LS4110 A, WiFoPharma): Lectures in Summer Semester 2018

The lectures take place from 14:15 to 15:45 the CBBM seminar rooms B1/B2 (Building 66, ground floor).

10. April 2018IntroductionProf. Schwaninger
17. April 2018PharmacodynamicsProf. Jöhren
24. April 2018PharmacokineticsProf. Raasch
08. May 2018Reverse PharmacologyProf. Jöhren
15. May 2018Oral Antidiabetic AgentsProf. Raasch
22. May 2018Pharmacology of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-SystemProf. Raasch
29. May 2018Viral Gene Therapy StrategiesProf. Körbelin
05. June 2018Cerebrovascular PharmacologyProf. Schwaninger
12. June 2018Pharmacology of the Blood-Brain-BarrierDr. Wenzel
19. June 2018Drugs in Parkinson's DiseaseDr. Häuser
26. June 2018Antiepileptic DrugsDr. Binder
03. July 2018Sleep and HypnoticsProf. Marshall
10. July 2018Pharmacology of Thyroid HormonesDr. Sundaram